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delivery in 21 Business Days!



How long will it take to receive my suit ?
A standard order takes 21 business days to from date invoice is paid.

What type of shipping do you offer?
We offer USPS ground shipping as well as FedEx air shipping. 

Can I expedite my order?
For an additional fee, we do offer expedited orders when circumstances permit.

Where do you ship to?
We ship within the 

My order is being held by US Customs and I was contacted by Fedex to fill out a 5106 form as an importer. What do I do?
Baynes and Baker is unable to complete this form as a requirement by US Customs. A FedEx representative will be able to assist you with this and you can contact them at 901.369.3347 or 800.463.3339. Please quote your tracking number, and once the form is completed your package will arrive shortly.


Alterations & Refunds

What if my suit does not fit?
If your order does not fit, Baynes and Baker will cover alterations on your garments up to $75 or remake it entirely from new materials through a remake order form. Your suits will be made to the exact size you provided. 

In order to get credit for your suit, please contact us so we can get proper documentation of your alteration.

How long does it take to get a remake?
It can take up to 1-4 weeks to remake and ship your order.

I would like to refund a non custom product, how do I do that?
If you did not order a custom suit or shirt, you can refund your product if it is still in original packaing. You have 14 days to return your product from the date you receive it.



How are the measurements I submit online used to create my Baynes and Baker custom suit or shirt?
You can either come into our store to get measured by booking an appointment or download our measurement form by clicking here. When submitting an online order, please fill out this form and email it to us. If the measurement does not fit you then we will issue you an alteration credit or remake your suit.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?
No, we can measure you if you schedule an appointment and come into our store. In the event that you are ordering online, you need to get to measured by a tailor. Download our measurement form by clicking here and providing it to your tailor.

Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?
Yes, you can provide the measurements taken by a tailor.

I want to change measurements on my current order, is this possible?

Depending on the stage of your order, Baynes and Baker can adjust as desired.  


Payments & Inquiries

Does Baynes and Baker have a physical location?
Although we are an e-commerce based company we do have an office in New York City and Vancouver where you can meet our team. You can come in to one of our special events and get measured, hand feel and select your fabrics to place an order. If you are interested in visiting us, please make an appointment by calling our toll free number.

How can I pay for my order?
  • In our physical location you can pay using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, or PayPal account. You can also use these payment methods online, our website is SSL encypted to keep your information safe.
  • PayPal, a heavily encrypted third party payment processor, is offered in addition to the Legacy New York credit card processor. PayPal is a secure form to pay and used by millions of people daily. PayPal accepts all major cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners cards) and also allows for debit card and eCheque purchases. You do not need a PayPal account to use this payment method.

How can I trust that my credit card transaction is safe?
Our website features a SSL secure connection during the transaction, keeping your information secure and private.

How many days in advance should I order before my wedding?
You should give yourself a minimum of 45 days, but we recommend getting your order in 60 days prior to the wedding date. This will leave a suitable amount of time if alterations or a remake is necessary.