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Baynes and Baker is a unique bespoke experience. Your suit is custom made just for you based on your measurements, choice of fabrics and style selections.  If for any reason your suit needs adjustments, we are here to help.  Alterations can be necessary to get the perfect fit for you.  If your garments need a little bit of tweaking to get them fitting perfectly, please book an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and our in-house tailors will alter them for you. If you don’t live in a showroom area with an in-house tailor, Baynes + Baker will provide a reimbursement for local tailoring.  When you look good, we look good!

In-Store Alteration

We are committed to getting you the perfect fit.  If your garments require fit adjustments, please bring them into one of our showrooms and our in-house tailors will alter them for you.

Local Alteration credit

Don't live in a showroom area with in-house tailoring available? We're here to help.  We suggest that you first email us at concierge@baynesandbaker.com within 7 days of receiving your garments so that we can provide you with an objective second opinion of how your garments fit.  You'll get personal attention from one of our stylists, who will make suggestions on how to best improve the fit of your custom clothes and walk you through the reimbursement process. 

We cover up to $75 for alterations in US or Canada. Your alteration reimbursement amount will depend on the garments being altered. The maximum limit for each garment is listed below.

Garment Alterations allowance
Suit (2 & 3 piece) – Complete $75
Jackets & Blazers – Separates $50
Pants $25
Shirts $25
Vest $25