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Wine Plaid Suit
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Wine Plaid Suit
Wine Plaid Suit

Wine Plaid Suit

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This high quality fashion suit is finely tailored with stain and wrinkle resistant wool that is perfect for all seasons. The pattern and fabric of this wine plaid suit is perfect for all formal events and looks especially great with white and other light colored dress shirts. At Baynes Baker, we only use the highest quality natural fabrics to ensure maximum comfort.

The suit features a standard peak, which excellently fits suit’s more formal look. The British style suits comes with generous should and a tight yet loose fit that’s just perfect for casual and formal arrangements. The sleeves end just slightly above the waist, letting you show off the cufflinks you’re wearing. The lusciously dark wine color matched with the plaid design makes it great to wear in both day and night events.

The trousers features a stylish ankle break without pleats. They’re also tapered to give you a fitted look, but isn’t too tight. It features belt loops and slanted pockets, to make for a more convenient wear during all types of events.
Once you choose this suit, we will get your measurements and our expert tailors will stitch it to perfection. We make sure that the suit you get doesn’t just look good but it also feels good to wear.